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To setup nuvoLink Serial to Ethernet adapter you need to do the following:

– Connect to the adapter

– Configure the adapter

– Configure you router

– Setup virtual serial port


Connect to the adapter:

First install the NCMini-Install-7z on your windows mashine.

After the installation the VS Com application will automatically start. Now connect the nuvoLink to your network with a ethernet cable and plugin the power cord.

In the VS Com application you should now see a list of devices. Choose the correct device and push the configure button, wich will open a webpage.


Configure the adapter:

In the webpage you should set the following settings.

Server Settings tab:

Server Name: nuvoLink #

DHCP: Disabled

IP Address: 



UPnP Port Number: 6432

Internet Connection: checked

And then save.


Serial Settings tab:

Baudrate: 115200

DataBit: 8

Parity: none

StopBit: 1

FlowType: none

TCP Port: 5555

Telnet Protocol: RFC2217

Telnet Timeout: 0


Configure you router:

Log in to your router and set a port forwarding to the device.

Service name: nuvoLink #

External port: 5555

Internal port: 5555

Type: TCP

IP: set it to the device ip


Setup virtual serial port:

From the VS Com application choose the device and go to devices -> install

Now go to device managment in windows -> control panel -> ports. Here you need to configure the VS Com virual port.

Set all serial settings to the same as the nuvoLink. In the advanced settings set the ip address to either the internal or if you want to connect to the device over internet then set it to the external ip address.