Sony Music Danmark

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Sony Music Entertainment er verdens næststørste pladeselskab og er ejet af Sony Corporation of America. Pladeselskabet har 44 filialer rundt om i verden, og én af dem er Sony Music Entertainment Denmark A/S (herefter Sony Music), som holder til midt i København.

Hos Sony Music arbejder vi dagligt på at skabe, udvikle, markedsføre, promovere og sælge musik fra et bredt udvalgt af både danske og internationale kunstnere.


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This post comprises the learnings gathered throughout the development of the nuvoPOS.

  1. javax.naming.NoInitialContextException  -> This error was encountered during the setup of JMS on Glassfish. The library gf-client.jar needs to point to the library in the Glassfish folder.

Google Apps for business

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Create a new Google Apps for Business account:

Click here

Click on “Get started”


Step 1: About you

Name: Insert the clients name


About your bussiness

Business or organization name: “customers bussiness name”

Number of employees: Set the correct number

Country: Set country for the customer

Phone: Insert the customers phonenumber


Step 2: Business Domain Address

Choose the option and insert the domain


Step 3: Configure the domain

First you need to verify the ownership of the domain.

Log in to the newly created domain managment console and start the verification prosses. There are different metods to verify but the easiest way is to add a TXT record to the DNS of the domain.

To add the TXT record you need to log in to the DNS managment console and add the record here.


After the verification prosses is completed you can start to set up the clients.

You can set the logo under business profiles.



Step 4: Connect the client to the reseller program

In the clients Google Apps console go to support and copy the client pin.

Log in to

Click on resellers tools and enter the customers domain and PIN under “Csutomer registration”


Step 5: Set up billing

Instruct the client to set up billing with a flexi plan.


Add image, videos etc.

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To add a new image, video and other medias  in WordPress, hover the tab “Medias” and select “Add new”. Press “Select file” and a small window vil appear. Select the files you want to upload directly from a folder on your computer to your library.

You can upload more than 1 file at the same time. The file size must be under 10 megabytes.

Add a new page

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To add a new page in WordPress, hover the tab “Pages” and select “Add new”. You are now in the first fase of making your new page.

You can now insert a page title and page description. If you want to add a image, press the button “Add media”. A small box will appear and you can now upload pictures directly from ant folder on your computer.

Credit card agreement

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To execute credit cards you need to submit for a credit card agreement at Teller or Euroline.


Here is a direct link to the application sheet at Teller:!toInfopage.action

Follow the guideline in the application.


To complete an application at Euroline, you have to contact them first and they will give your company a unique agreement.